The Vlogger who Fell to Earth and Other Website Ch-ch-ch-Changes

The blog portion of this amateur roadshow went legit. I upgraded to a service that allows for a domain name, and spam protection.

Now, here comes the scary part-at least for me. I now have the makings of a YouTube channel. In addition to written reviews, I plan to make periodic vlog reviews.

I’ve made guest appearances on podcasts. I’m going to state for the record that I don’t like the sound of my recorded voice. Speech impediments also come through. I’ve done a few Facebook live videos promoting my own crafts for a friend’s event. I’ve stuttered less, but I can use the practice.

Luckily, when watching tutorial videos for beginner vloggers, not only is a phone more than acceptable equipment for beginners, but almost every video I watched stated up front that the first videos will be bad, and that this is good for growth. Also, I will not get tens of thousands of subscribers on the first upload. Reassuring enough, I suppose.

It was enough to play around with the theme I’m using. I liked the black and green, but It just didn’t fit my hand stitched mouthpieces as you can see.



Dexter and Ichabod, bunnies who are not amused by procrastination

I’ll make a more user friendly addition of the YouTube channel to the site after making more videos.

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