Podcasting and Reviews


While the writing fell behind to a point where I stopped generating webcomics as well as reviews (let me note that for about four years, I self published three different comics of my own creation weekly), I tried podcasting. I was a guest on Chad Denton’s Trash Canon, discussing two Halloween sequels.

My visceral reaction to those episodes was one of, “I sound like that?!!” My stutter and tendency toward saying, “you know,” as filler when said stutter appears, was readily apparent.

I could improve. I want to create one of my own. I wouldn’t stick to horror movies necessarily. Like Rabbit Reviews and the handmade frankenbunny commentary, I’d want a gimmick. Some categories of discussions I thought of so far include:

Fun with Franchises: Movies and sequels

Six Degrees of [TV Show]: Discussion of a movie featuring an actor from a favorite TV show (For example, Russ Tamblyn of Twin Peaks in The Phantom Empire)

Fuck Yeah Source Data: Movies featuring cast or crew I made into a name authority record (few and far between if I can remember!)

You can check out Trash Canon via Podbean by following the link.

B-Fest 2020: Preparation and a Return to Blogging


In the two plus years that I have left my home state of Connecticut for a new job, life and mystery allergies in San Antonio, TX, I have seen many a bad movie, but not much in the way of written reviews.

Worse, no B-Fest!

This year B-Fest is in February, so you bet that the minute that tickets went on sale, I picked them up and booked the hotel and flight. My Southwestern app got a workout and I’m sure I racked up points. I hope to do so more often.

Everything is reserved…..so now what?! How to pack, and what will be the knitting project of the Fest?

In the past, it took the form of a blanket, but I have a ton of them and while Texas can get cold (surprise to me as well), I don’t need many more.

Not that this will stop me. The sweater I attempted one year fell flat, and I need something easy.