Podcasting plans change


Yesterday, I got my first Covid-19 vaccine. I experienced only a few side effects, some aches that carried over the next day.

I am scheduled for my second shot on the same day I plan to launch The Bad Movie Podcast, as well as some local voting. Given that I am prone to some of the side effects, I am moving the launch to April 30 and well, why not go in for early voting?

Bad Movie Bunnies: The Podcast


I finally started to do it. On May 1st, I will launch what I hope to be a long standing podcast.

Much like this blog, there will be horror movie reviews. I had meant to focus on slashers and franchises, but I noticed that my choices led to the more obscure. I can work with this.

I have recorded four episodes so far, all under 20 minutes long. I am almost done with the fifth about an indie haunted house movie called The Evil Down the Street. Funny story, one of the screenwriters/actors posted about it in an online group I’m a part of and I figured, why not give it a watch?

I hope to have a stockpile in the next few weeks, and eventually have other people on. This can be found on Podbean under badmoviebunnies.