Cheater’s Club(2006)


Welcome to another It came from the Queue Review. This one came from my On Demand options under the free movies section.

It might have for the better that this was in the free section. I’d pay an extra $2.99 for “Masque of the Red Death.” “Cheater’s Club,” not so much.

This did end up in the horror section, yet this is a Lifetime Network thriller. While this film had an interesting premise, a radical therapist advocating infidelity as a means for the women in her group therapy session to help their troubled and as it turns out, sexless marriages, it had poor execution and typical Lifetime Movie network melodrama where it wasn’t needed.

This is a Lifetime movie. Therefore, men call into this therapist’s radio show berating her as immoral among other things. She ends up murdered and her patients stalked.

As a film, Cheater’s Club had an interesting premise and good set up. The problem was that like many a Lifetime made for TV movie, there is excess melodrama, the female lead almost always framed or set up to be framed on top of being stalked or otherwise abused. I was spared the myriad of household cleaner and department store commercials this time around, but I asked the same question. Is Lifetime really television for women? Did the ending of this movie have to entail a cuckolded and psychotic woman lashing out against another woman?

I am all for any movie featuring Charisma Carpenter, who was pretty good in this limited role, working well with the script provided. Thing is, this movie would have been a lot better if it were the janitor who turned out to be the killer. The creepy janitor, like the hackneyed back story, is the earmark of quality in any horror movie, or even thriller movies.


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