Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)


Sequels made a joke of many a horror movie. The Prom Night Series is no exception. To top it off, this movie doesn’t follow where the first Prom Night left off. Maybe this is a good thing, since the original Prom Night didn’t leave much room for a sequel.

This sequel runs as a basic revenge slash fest. The movie begins at Hamilton High’s 1957 prom. The focus of the story is bad girl prom queen, Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage). On prom night, Mary Lou jilts her date, Bill Nordham, for the local bad boy, Buddy Cooper. One would think Bill would go home with a broken heart, and spread a few nasty rumors about Mary Lou’s being easy the next day. Since this is a slasher movie, Bill accidentally sets Mary Lou on fire.

After the accident, the movie jumps forward thirty years. Buddy Cooper becomes a priest. I guess his drinking and wenching were not mentioned during the seminary school days. Bill Nordham (Michael Ironside) is the new principal of Hamilton High. Mary Lou Maloney seems forgotten, and a new Prom Queen, Vicki (Wendy Lyon) is to be elected.

This is where we start to have a problem. Vicki, the daughter of puritanical parents, is unable to buy a prom dress. Since she is popular, and expected to look her best as Prom Queen, she decides to hunt around the costume shop of Hamilton High. Surprise, Surprise, she finds the perfect outfit, namely Mary Lou’s old prom gown. Though Mary Lou’s body is dead, her spirit is alive and well and wants her moment as Prom Queen.

In addition to a high body count, the movie had a good gimmick of a wronged prom queen coming back from the dead to claim her old title and maybe exact revenge on the guy that killed her on her big night. This sounds like a straightforward story, yet why did the vengeful spirit wait thirty years to enact revenge? Why would Hamilton High save Mary Lou’s old prom dress when it seems the town wants to forget about the tragedy surrounding the 1957 Prom? Speaking of cover-ups, for the number of deaths that occurred on prom night, people were pretty nonchalant. I can see Vicki possessed by Mary Lou’s old dress, but how could she end up sucked through a chalkboard? Someone would have noticed this in a classroom, right? I keep forgetting that the slasher movie world is far different than the real world.


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