When Fandoms Collide: Yes, I heard The Mission UK on Miami Vice

Whenever the band, The Mission UK, comes up in conversation the first thing that I think of, or bring up, is Wayne Hussey’s autobiography, “Salad Daze,” which I highly recommend. The second thing I think of is weirder, a little more niche, if you will.

I was posting one of my favorite Mission tracks, ‘Wasteland,’ to an online deathrock discussion group one day. In addition to thumbs up and other approbation, there were a few comments expressing love for the band, and certain albums or tracks.

I respond with another little fun factoid, one that seems a little absurd, and whether I write or speak it, it just feels like I’m making it up.

‘Wasteland’ was featured in an episode of, “Miami Vice.” Season 3, episode 16 “Theresa” to be precise.

It sometimes feels like people don’t believe me when I say this. I barely believed it when I first saw it, but there it was, the familiar opening chords and vocals playing over a car chase, our heroes played by Philip Michael Thomas, Michael Talbott and Don Johnson in hot pursuit of the suspect played by Tim Capello, the saxophone guy from The Lost Boys in a neon more 80’s than 80’s backdrop suggesting nightlife, parties, fast cars and faster drugs.

Given that this was a very stylized police procedural set in 1980’s Miami, Wasteland, or the chorus, seems appropriate. It is a drug wasteland however prettied up. It is a little weird given how it was gussied up to a pastel and neon landscape to show off those 80’s sports cars and beach wear. You’d never quite picture listening to a dark song against such a back drop.

Then again, maybe it’s too perfect. I still feel that others don’t quite believe me. Good thing we have YouTube…..

As you enjoy the clip proving my ramblings, wrap your head around the following. “Vet for the Insane” by Fields of the Nephlim was in the opening sequence (involving an arty ‘snuff film’ screening) of Season 4 episode 3 “Death and the Lady.”

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