Is there any such thing as Too Many Horror Movies?


The answer, of course, is no.

That being said, I found that multitasking was going to be required this holiday season.

I participated in the Horror Gives Back challenge created by Erica and Lance of the Unsung Horrors podcast where participants choose a movie based on a daily theme. For every movie watched during the month of October, a dollar or more was donated to the Trevor Project.

I opt to podcast about my picks as well as post on Twitter. I had taken time off from it in September due to personal life reasons to resume recording in October. Also, I noticed that with my participation in Junesploitation, episodes with a lightning round style where I do a short review of a group of movies as opposed to a focus on one film sound better to me. Why, I don’ t know, but I like those bonus episodes more.

As I’m recording solo, I have to script all of this. I wish I were able to just watch a movie and go off the cuff, but I can’t. I stumble over my words as is.

Stumbling aside, I was accepted into the Prescribed Films Podcast Network. I was also asked to do a guest spot on Attack of the Killer Podcast at the end of the month. I had three movies to watch for discussion. I say discussion. I’ll have notes, but no script. I have to watch my stuttering. You know how sometimes you say the same descriptor twice in a sentence or short paragraph? Caught that a few times in my speech too.

I accept, start taking notes on my movies and then, it hits me. I have three more movies on top of my bonus episode.

Oh, shit.

Friday was a couch evening. I wanted to free up my weekend, or at least Sunday to research my topics. I cheated a little with Horror Gives Back watching ahead of schedule, and writing up my thoughts accordingly.

Spending Sunday and Monday night on my guest spot, I watch. I write. I hoped to hell that Tuesday wasn’t a stressful workday. Well….

I get home and mentally prep. I had a mild panic attack during the day, lasting through lunch. I had purchased a handmade mug at the Texas Clay Fest and needless to say, herbal tea was in order. I set up my microphone and headphones. I tested my speed and waited.

I think I sounded okay. I never think that I do, but there are others who don’t like the way their voices record. Either way, the Attack of the Killer Podcast crew were great and very easy to talk to. I did feel a lot more relaxed once everything started rolling, and I knew my equipment worked. Words cannot properly express how grateful I am that everyone had me on the show.

Throughout everything, an idea formed. Firstly, a vacation if I can swing it. I am thinking of a movie challenge of my own based on the craft items I’ve made while watching movies. I would schedule this in December with themed movies and ask participants for not only picks, but what you would make or work on while watching. The tentative title is based on Festivus, but Craftivus…maybe a week challenge in the beginning of the month.

It’s a holiday break, anyway ….

Podcast Status Update


By the time Memorial Day rolled around, I had a few episodes up. The run time compiled together would amount to roughly an hour, the average run time of podcasting peers. Nevertheless, I published them. I still had the free version of Podbean.

Around that time, I discovered an event on Twitter, namely Junesploitation. This was hosted by the podcast and blog, F This Movie. I had wanted to explore live tweeting, but scheduling, time etc. got in the way. This event would allow one to pick one movie within a genre or theme on a given day and share online. I picked my movie, used a hashtag and added a photo before viewing my choice after work.

A week or so into participating into this event, I had a nasty panic attack. I don’t know at what point it came to me to write up what I was watching, but late into that evening, I started doing so as a means to calm myself further. A few days later, it hit me that it was around the time where I would upload a podcast. At that point, I had episodes already recorded. I tended to do shorter solo episodes already, and figured why not break up what would be a longer form episode into three parts ten movies apiece, during the month, the last one to arrive July 9th? That first part was one take, and I hear it in my voice on top of other flaws I hear, stuttering or otherwise.

We are nothing if not our own toughest critics. I was easier on some the movies, despite where the idea came from. To avoid further pressure on myself, I more or less jotted notes each day per movie, reading aloud so I would trip up less while recording. This worked to a degree, and maybe I could continue this while writing for practice.

I dropped parts one and two as bonus episodes. I kept posting to twitter. By the end of the event, I was mostly ready to record, and it hit me that I would have an easier time scheduling episodes. I also wanted more reach as well. More or less, it was time to take this idea a little more seriously, start looking into joining podcast networks and up my membership account.

From there, I scheduled every episode I had. As I am travelling to see family next week, I can keep up. I’m updated well into August and I have a window of time until my next trip in late September.

In addition to scheduling, Bad Movie Bunnies is now on YouTube, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Deezer, etc. I uploaded my own header photo on the Podbean page.

So, now what? I thought about ad revenue, but what cost would it offset? Patreon? I have combined knitting/crafting with podcasting by way of supplementary comics not unlike vlogs. I’m more or less a group of raccoons in a band shirt at this point. I’ll put the bunnies on camera instead and start opening the floor to guest spots in October.